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Choose Efficient Russell Refrigeration Products for Your High-Volume Establishment

Since 1946, Russell has been providing the foodservice industry with high-quality commercial-grade refrigeration equipment out of Scottsboro, Alabama. Today, the company is part of the Rheem family of brands, which has opened their business up to many new customers. Russell focuses on creating products that can not only handle heavy-duty environments, but also are energy-efficient, reducing their customers’ utility bills. Read more

You can find Russell refrigeration products in a variety of foodservice establishments, such as banquet halls, cafeterias, catering businesses, and other high-volume operations. All of their products are designed to be energy-efficient, which helps to reduce your utility bill and impact on the environment. In addition to refrigeration equipment, Russell manufactures several types of replacement components, such as refrigeration evaporators, fan blades, and power supplies that you can use to repair your equipment.

Russell Commercial Refrigeration Fan Motor Parts and Accessories

Russell Commercial Refrigeration Fan Motor Parts and Accessories

Keep air circulating in your refrigeration equipment by repairing broken components with Russell commercial refrigeration fan blades and motors.

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Russell Commercial Refrigeration Power Supplies

Russell Commercial Refrigeration Power Supplies

Ensure that power and electricity are running to your refrigeration equipment by replacing old pieces with Russell commercial refrigeration power supplies.

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