Route 11 Potato Chips

Route 11 Potato Chips

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Offer Crunchy, Uniquely Flavored Snacks with Route 11 Chips

Since 1992, the folks at Route 11 Potato Chips have been committed to producing superior chips without taking shortcuts. Their chips are cooked in small batches with high-quality ingredients in order to achieve a delicious flavor and superior crunch that is unrivaled by large-scale operations. Their dedication to sustainability and line of unique flavors like sweet potato and Chesapeake crab ensures that your customers will love their chips. Read more

Route 11 Chips can be displayed at concession stands and convenience stores or offered at your office or school. For lunch or dinner service, pair your tasty sandwiches or wraps with these chips for a meal your customers won’t forget! These chips are the perfect addition to any convenience store, cafeteria, diner, or office looking to provide a flavorful snack or side to their guests.