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Rotella’s Italian Bakery Products Have a Light Texture and Wholesome Taste to Complete Your Signature Sandwiches

In 1850, Domenico Rotella began the Rotella’s tradition by milling his own wheat into flour, baking bread in a small wood-fired oven, and selling fresh loaves to neighbors in his Italian village. Rotella passed the craft on to subsequent generations who eventually landed in the United States. The business now has large-scale facilities with cutting-edge technology, all while maintaining traditional techniques and a commitment to the customer. Read more

Whether you operate a deli, dining hall, or restaurant, Rotella’s Italian Bakery products provide a high-quality, wholesome ingredient to create various dishes at your establishment. Use Rotella’s Italian Bakery bread to craft savory sandwiches, burgers, and more. With a soft and airy texture, Rotella’s bread products are a satisfying option that your guests will enjoy.