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Service Your Coffee or Espresso Machines with Rosito Bisani Coffee Machine Parts

Founded in 1979, Rosito Bisani began by importing high-quality espresso machines from Europe for restaurants and cafes in Southern California. Since then, the company has branched out into other types of specialty equipment for foodservice, such as pasta makers, pizza ovens, juicers, and gelato machines. Rosito Bisani stands out from the competition because of their commitment to their customers and to providing high-quality and innovative products that can handle any situation. Read more

Rosito Bisani espresso machines and foodservice equipment are ideal for a variety of foodservice establishments, such as coffee shops, Italian restaurants, pizza joints, and ice cream shops. Rosito Bisani sets a high standard for their equipment, ensuring that it meets the needs of their customers. In addition to full foodservice equipment, the company also provides several types of replacement components, like coffee machine parts and accessories that you can use to repair malfunctioning equipment.