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Cocktail Additives to Maximize Taste and Appeal

Rokz began making cocktail and flavor additives by doing what chefs love to do - experimenting with recipes in a kitchen. Their dedication to quality ingredients has led to their expansive growth that has gone from a few simple drinks with friends to a catalog of cocktail additives that customers love. Read more

Rokz produces their own delicious cocktail mixes and rim salt that can be used for multiple drinks. They also offer several flavored rim sugar options that you can use to add a sweet flavor to your cocktails. These flavors are at home at any bartender's work.

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Rimming Sugar

Rokz Rimming Sugar

Add a sweet rim to your classic cocktails and drinks with Rokz rimming sugar! Choose from vibrant colors and flavors to complement any beverage.

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Rimming Salt

Rokz Rimming Salt

Rokz rimming salt provides an easy way to give margaritas and other drinks a delicious salty flavor! Available in various bright colors, this salt adds a fun flare to your bar!

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