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Ritz Crackers Are an Excellent Option for Your Snacking Needs

Mondelez International, Inc. is a world-renowned food and beverage company that provides snacks to the global community. To Mondelez, snacking should be a time when you can enjoy a delicious pick-me-up without sacrificing healthy eating habits. Ritz Crackers, a brand of Mondelez International, was introduced by Nabisco in 1934 and continues to be a crowd-favorite snack that boasts a rich taste in every bite. Read more

Ritz crackers and cookies are ideal for cafeterias, vending machines, hotels, and more. Ritz snacks products are varied, so you can find snacks such as peanut butter crackers, whole wheat and cheddar sandwich crackers, and the classic buttery options that can be paired with the topping of your choice. Whichever Ritz snacks products you choose, each snack is designed to offer a satisfying crunch and a smooth, buttery taste.