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Offer the Taste of High-Quality Popcorn for Your Patrons with Reist Popcorn Company

Since 1925, Reist Popcorn has been growing high-quality, non-GMO corn in Lancaster County, PA to produce premium popcorn kernels. Through honesty, integrity, hard work, and perseverance, Reist Popcorn has grown steadily over time, supplying carnivals, concession stands, and movie theaters strongly throughout the East Coast, and most recently, the entire country. They live by their motto, "It's all in the kernel", carefully monitoring the kernels from growing to harvesting to drying. Read more

Butterfly to mushroom, yellow, red, and blue, and even the option for organic, Reist Popcorn provides a wide array of kernel types to fit your needs. Every kernel is the perfect blank canvas to allow your customers to make it their own with an addition of extra salt or butter. Make a house specialty popcorn for your concession stand, carnival, or movie theater by using different spice blends or even mixing with candy and chocolate. However you serve it, Reist Popcorn Company produces premium popcorn kernels for their patrons.