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Add the Finishing Touch to Your Desserts with Reddi Wip Toppings

Reddi Wip whipped cream was created in 1948 by an inventor named Aaron “Bunny” Lapin. He developed a way to dispense real cream from a pressurized aerosol can without losing propellant. We all recognize the tilt-to-open design of a Reddi-Whip can today, but this style of dispensing was innovative in its time and led to nation-wide distribution of Lapin’s whipped cream product. Read more

Today, we enjoy a variety of Reddi Wip toppings, including real cream and non-dairy options. Reddi Wip whipped cream is a beloved topping for sundaes, coffee drinks, and other sweet treats. Customers appreciate the light, creamy texture of Reddi Wip products and recognize the signature look of the famous whipped cream dispenser, patented over 50 years ago.