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Red Star Baking Products Help Improve the Taste and Texture of Your Establishment’s Baked Goods

Red Star Yeast prides itself on not only providing consumers with high-quality baking ingredients but also on educating bakers on the importance of proper baking techniques and information. The company is a joint venture between Lesaffre Group and Archer Daniels Midland Company, companies that have been at the forefront of baking products and technology since 1853. When purchasing from Red Star, you know that you are purchasing quality products with years of research and history behind them. Read more

Red Star baking products are a great way to improve your establishment’s baked goods. Dough enhancers can improve the taste and texture of the baked goods on your menu, helping to satisfy customers. Additionally, Red Star products help eliminate potential blemishes in rising dough, allowing you to present a neater and more finished product to your patrons.