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Find Red Goat Parts and Accessories for Your Food Disposer Unit

Red Goat was founded in Cincinnati, OH nearly 50 years ago. They specialize in designing and manufacturing food waste disposers for commercial environments, and their products can be found throughout the United States. Amusingly, Red Goat chose their name because goats are known to eat just about anything, making them an appropriate symbol of food disposal systems. Read more

In addition to their heavy-duty food waste disposal units, Red Goat also manufactures OEM parts and accessories for routine maintenance and repair of commercial garbage disposals. Items like screws, bushings, and relays are all essential for a functional disposer. So Red Goat produces washers and other parts to keep your appliance running smoothly.

Red Goat Bearings and Bushings

Red Goat Bearings and Bushings

Replace worn or broken bearings and bushings with replacement parts from Red Goat.

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