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Reading Soda Works Craft Soda Products Have an Appealing, Old-Fashioned Flavor

Based in the heart of Amish country in Pennsylvania, Reading Soda Works has been creating craft sodas and beverages for nearly 100 years. Unlike other soda providers, the company is dedicated to use natural ingredients and pure cane sugar, providing an old-fashioned flavor that is nostalgic to many people. Additionally, Reading Soda Works craft soda products are infused using pinpoint carbonation, which leads to smaller bubbles and a smoother mouthfeel than other types of soda.

If you’re looking to serve a unique, old-fashioned beverage at your ice cream parlor, bistro, or country-style restaurant, Reading Soda Works craft soda products are the perfect choice. Plus, the soda bottles have a unique and retro design on the front, accenting their old-school appeal. In addition to their unique flavor and carbonation, Reading Soda Works craft sodas come in many different flavors, allowing you to offer your guests options for beverages.