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Discover High-End Meat Products from Rastelli’s Restaurant Supplies and Equipment

Established in 1976, Rastelli’s quickly earned a reputation for supplying customers with premium meat products. Since then, they’ve grown to establish a premium network of sourcing partners while remaining a family-owned and operated business. By embracing its core values of responsibility, partnership, trust, and quality, Rastelli’s has established itself as a pioneer of food safety and distribution. Read more

Rastelli’s restaurant supplies and equipment are sourced only from farmers who meet their high standards, ensuring a high-quality product. They offer several different cuts of beef including filet mignon and ribeye, allowing you to fill out your menu as you see fit. Furthermore, they offer burgers made from several different types of meat, making it easy to find the burger that best fits your tastes.

Rastelli's Fish

Rastelli's Fish

Rastelli’s fish are sustainably farmed and raised in pure habitats, preserving a fresh taste and premium quality.

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Rastelli's Pork

Rastelli's Pork

Rastelli’s pork is produced up to Rastelli’s meticulous butcher standards, ensuring high-end cuts of meat.

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