Price's Dairy Products

by  Bel Brands Usa Inc

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Choose Price’s Dairy Products for a Creamy, Satisfying Complement to Your Appetizers or Entrees

What began as a husband and wife duo operating out of their family kitchen became a brand prevalent in grocery stores across the country. When Weldon and Mildred Price began creating cheese spread recipes, they adopted a commitment to hospitality, frequently greeting guests in their home with potlucks, parties, and their famous cheese spreads. Though Price’s has grown and is now a part of Bel Brands USA, Price’s remains dedicated to providing the kind of quality, freshness, and hospitality values that they started out with. Read more

If you’re looking for dips or spreads for events, parties, or restaurant dishes, Price’s cheeses are an excellent option for your needs. These items boast a savory, creamy flavor and texture that’s sure to complement your appetizers and entrees. Whether you’re looking for a zesty or spicy spread, Price’s dairy products are sure to provide the kind of high-quality freshness and taste that your guests will love.