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Repair Your Commercial Sink with Power Soak Parts and Accessories

Power Soak is a member of the Unified Brands family, was founded in 1907, and is currently headquartered in Conyers, GA. Each of the five subgroups of Unified brands specializes in one area of foodservice, including storage, cooking, and delivery. Power Soak is the warewashing and produce washing branch of the company, so they focus on manufacturing high-quality commercial sinks and soaking solutions that deliver efficient and effective wash action. Read more

If your commercial sink, produce soak, or pre-wash equipment is in need of repair, Power Soak manufactures the replacement parts you need to maintain a functioning warewashing station. Find anything from bolts and grommets to electrical terminals and rotary switches. So next time you’re looking for a specific part for your warewashing equipment, check out what Power Soak has to offer.