PolyScience Culinary Equipment

Infuse Smoke Flavor into Foods and Drinks with PolyScience Smoke Guns

PolyScience was founded in 1963 and is currently headquartered in Illinois. While their culinary division manufactures a wide variety of kitchen equipment, including vacuum sealers and sous vide systems, they are best known for their smoke flavor guns. PolyScience smoking guns produce cold smoke that adds flavor to solids and liquids without heating it. Read more

When it comes to bringing smoke flavor to foods and drinks, a PolyScience smoke gun is the right tool for the job. Their products feature burn chambers where chefs and mixologists can load their preferred variety of wood chips, such as apple wood or cedar. So, if you need to introduce a smoky flavor to vegetables, meats, or even cocktails, you can easily do so with PolyScience smoking guns.

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