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Pitaya Foods Fruit Products Are Nutritious and Colorful

Chuck Casano was inspired to form his company, Pitaya, while working for a non-profit organization in Nicaragua in 2008. During his time there, he discovered and fell in love with the pitaya fruit, also known as the dragon fruit. Chuck and his partner, Ben Hiddlestone, began their venture to bring healthy, delicious fruits to the United States while also providing jobs and fair wages to the impoverished people of Nicaragua. Read more

Pitaya employs over 250 women in Central America to cultivate their Pitaya Foods fruit products. In addition to their dedication to the welfare of their employees, Pitaya is committed to using renewable energy through their solar-powered facility. Pitaya’s frozen fruits are delicious, nutrient-dense superfoods you can add to smoothies or pitaya bowls in your restaurant or cafe.