Perdue Chicken Farms Meat Products

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Perdue Chicken Farms Meat Products Are Healthy and Lean Protein Sources

Starting as a family-owned chicken farm in 1920, Perdue has grown into one of the largest producers of fresh and pre-made chicken products in the world. The company has succeeded due in part to their dedication to raising quality and healthy chickens, which results in premium meat. Perdue Chicken Farms meat products can be found in many residential households, but they also provide products to commercial foodservice establishments of all sizes. Read more

Use Perdue Chicken Farms meat products as a source of protein in your restaurant’s dishes. You can choose raw chicken options, which are ideal for foodservice establishments that want a versatile protein source to use in their recipes. Additionally, Perdue offers pre-made chicken products, such as chicken tenders, nuggets, and cutlets, all of which are excellent additions to your children’s menu.