Papetti's Egg Products

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Save Time on Food Prep by Using Papetti’s Egg Products

If you’re looking for egg products for breakfast at your diner, hotel, or convenience store, Papetti’s egg products are the ideal option. Papetti’s is a brand of Michael Foods, a large producer of ready-made food products that has served the foodservice industry for over 100 years. In addition to providing their customers with premium ingredients and foods, Papetti’s and Michael Foods aim to serve their customers items that are raised and prepared ethically and responsibly. Read more

You can use Papetti’s egg products in many different ways, such as on breakfast sandwiches or as an offering on your breakfast buffet. They offer both cooked and liquid options, allowing you to choose the egg products that best suit your needs. Regardless of which type of Papetti’s egg products you choose, they are a convenient choice that can help your business save time and energy on food prep.