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Oxford is a brand of TOPS Products, a major manufacturer of writing and office products that distributes all across the world. Throughout their history, TOPS has been known for inventing new and interesting products that revolutionize how people stay organized and file their documents. Additionally, TOPS proudly manufactures all of their products in the United States, helping to boost the local economy and create jobs. Read more

Oxford is one of the most trusted brands in office supplies, and they are well known for their high-quality index cards, folders, and organizational accessories. Although Oxford specializes in writing supplies and organizational accessories, TOPS Products manufactures a variety of tools that can be used in office, home, or school settings. Additionally, they’re constantly striving to improve their products to make them more accessible and convenient for their customers.

Oxford Folder Dividers and Folder Tabs

Oxford Folder Dividers and Folder Tabs

High-quality Oxford dividers and tabs are designed to work with three-ring binders at your university, hospital, or corporate building.

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