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Ore-Ida Products Offer a Delicious Take on Classic Potatoes

Ore-Ida has a long history in the potato industry, stemming from its foundation in 1952. It was established by the Grigg brothers in Oregon, near the Idaho border, providing the company with the name it has to this day. Ore-Ida Company products are part of the Kraft Heinz Company, but the Ore-Ida name stands out for being considered the leading potato brand in America. Read more

Ore-Ida Company products are made with only the best potatoes from the heart of potato country. In 1953, Ore-Ida invented the classic tater-tot, which is still enjoyed by millions in school dining halls, stadiums, diners, and food courts. Ready in minutes, Ore-Ida products provide customers with a golden, crispy outside, a soft, fluffy center, and a great potato taste every time.