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Open Pit BBQ Products

by  Kraft Heinz Foods Company

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Add Rich Flavors to Your Grilled Foods with Open Pit BBQ Products

Open Pit is a proud member of the Kraft Heinz Foods Company. They specialize in creating sauces to enhance the flavor of grilled and smoked foods. Open Pit’s team of chefs and food scientists have worked hard to create a barbecue sauce that steakhouse owners and pitmasters across the nation can trust to impress their customers. Read more

Open Pit BBQ products are made with high-quality ingredients to create an authentic sauce that pairs perfectly with a variety of recipes. Their tangy sauces are ideal for smokehouses that serve fall-of-the-bone ribs and juicy barbecue chicken. You can also liven up your menu by using Open Pit BBQ sauce on pizzas, salads, sandwiches, and burgers.