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Slice Meat, Cheese, and Other Deli Favorites with Products from Omas Food Machinery

Omas Food Machinery was founded in 1950 by Carlo Rabolli and associates, and it has been delivering premium Italian craftsmanship to foodservice operators ever since. Carlo believed slicers would be the perfect complement to scales and balances that were already being produced in the comune of Oggiona con Santo Stefano. As its catalog has grown through the passing decades, Omas Food Machinery continues to innovate while staying true to the founding principles of creativity and passion. Read more

Omas Food Machinery slicers are a staple in bistros and delis around the world. The addition of meat grinders and food processors to the company's product offering also has them featured prominently in restaurants, salad bars, and butcher shops. A continued emphasis on improving their equipment and processing techniques allows Omas Food Machinery to meet consumer needs while customizing production to accommodate even the most unique requests.