Nilla Wafers Cookie Products

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Consumers Have Snacked on and Cooked with Nilla Wafers Cookie Products for over 120 Years

German-American confectioner Gustav A. Mayer invented the vanilla wafer recipe consumers love today in the late 19th century on Staten Island. Mayer sold his recipe to the National Biscuit Company, which began making the treat in 1898. The National Biscuit Company was the merger of several small bakeries. They first used the shortened brand name “Nabisco” when they began selling Vanilla Wafers. The National Biscuit Company not only shortened its own name, they shortened their signature sweet to “Nilla Wafers” in 1967. Today, Nabisco is managed by Mondelez International. Read more

Nilla Wafers cookie products are referred to as wafers to signify that they are a thin, crisp cookie. In the 1940s, Nilla Wafers became a staple ingredient of Southern banana pudding, causing Nabisco to print a banana pudding recipe on their Vanilla Wafers box. Their importance to Southern cuisine earns Nilla Wafers a consistent spot in the top five best-selling cookie brands in the major markets of Atlanta and Houston.