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Add Flavor and Sweetness to Your Coffee with Nestle Coffee Mate

Known as “coffee’s perfect mate,” Nestle Coffee Mate has been a leading manufacturer of coffee creamer for over half a century. Nestle Coffee Mate first introduced its non-dairy creamers as a way to serve customers who did not have access to refrigeration, but who still wanted to add flavor to their black coffee. With over 20 flavors available on the market today, Nestle Coffee Mate continues to provide sweetness and high quality taste to cups of coffee all over the world. Read more

Nestle Coffee Mate provides the foodservice industry with “coffee’s perfect mate” in the form of non-dairy creamers, which are perfect for customers who are lactose intolerant, or those individuals who don't have access to refrigeration. Available in powdered, liquid, and liquid concentrated forms, cafés, restaurants, concession stands, hotels, and office buildings are all places you’ll find Nestle Coffee Mate creamer being used today.