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Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Products

by  SC Johnson

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Clean Naturally with Mrs. Meyer’s Products

Founded in 1999, Mrs. Meyer’s was named after the founder’s mother, Thelma Meyer, and the products’ scents are based on her beautiful garden. Mrs. Meyer’s prides itself on keeping harsh chemicals out of their products and using renewable plant resources for a more natural line of products. Their cruelty-free soaps, lotions, and household cleaners work great, and their appealing aromas transport a user to a wonderful garden. Read more

Mrs. Meyer’s products effectively clean the hands and body, bathrooms, clothes, and more without the harmful and harsh chemicals that can damage surfaces and leave skin irritated. To relax guests at your hotel or bed and breakfast, offer them Mrs. Meyer’s hand and body products to smooth and clean skin. For offices and schools, keep their household cleaners close by to gently and safely clean surfaces.