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Stock Up on Sweets by Ordering Mrs. Freshley's Fantastically Fresh Products

Mrs. Freshley's products began wiggling their way into vending machines in 1994. Customers were instantly amazed by the flavor and freshness of Mrs. Freshley's prepackaged snacks. Their selection of snack cakes and pastries quickly changed the vending market, showing people that vending machine sweets can still have a familiar, homemade taste. In an attempt to offer these delicious snacks to a wider range of people, Mrs. Freshley's parent company, Flowers Foods, introduced Mrs. Freshley's products to retail stores. Since then, the brand has blossomed and greatly expanded its selection of sweets. By choosing Mrs. Freshley's products, you can offer your customers a dessert they are sure to love! Read more

Mrs. Freshley's products are easy to serve. They come prepackaged and fully prepared. They are perfect for to-go stations at the front of convenience stores to catch impulse purchases. Alternatively, you can put them in a school cafeteria to give students an irresistibly sweet treat. Customers of all ages will love Mrs. Freshley's products.