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Mr. Espresso Wholesale Coffee Products Are Authentic, Italian-Style Espresso Roasts Produced in America

Since its founding, Mr. Espresso has remained a family-owned business operating in Oakland, California. Carlo Di Ruocco launched the Mr. Espresso brand in 1978 with the vision of bringing authentic Italian espresso to the United States. He immigrated to San Francisco from Salerno, Italy where he apprenticed under a coffee-roasting master who taught him the art of bean selection, blending, and roasting over an oak wood fire. Read more

Mr. Espresso wholesale coffee products are crafted using the wood-fire, coffee roasting tradition of Italy. The oak wood logs are hand-selected, slow-burning, perfectly seasoned, and sustainably sourced. Previously scarce on the American market, Mr. Espresso established a place for Italian-style espresso in American culinary culture when premier chefs in the restaurant community like Alice Waters, Paul Bertolli, and Bradley Ogden began serving their products.