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Mountain Cider Company Products Create a Comforting Cup of Orchard-Fresh Spiced Apple Cider Any Time of the Year

The Mountain Cider Company is a second generation, family-owned company that produces their all-natural spiced apple cider concentrate on their own apple orchard in Vermont. Their business began by solving their own problems - their farm also grew Christmas trees, and each customer that bought a tree also got a free cup of hot apple cider. However, it was difficult to predict how much cider was needed on a given day due to the unpredictable New England climate, and this often led to overproducing or underproducing cider for their stand. When the idea hit to use a maple syrup evaporator to evaporate the apple cider into a concentrate, it wasn't long before word of their concentrated cider spread and their business grew from selling the products in their farm store to filling the various markets in the industry's commercial segment. Read more

Mountain Cider Company products are made simply: apples that are boiled down and mixed with a traditional but unique blend of complimenting spices. No added sugar, no allergens, and no added preservatives makes this concentrate safe and dietary friendly, so you can confidently serve to your customers. With the help of Mountain Cider Company, authentic, great-tasting apple cider no longer needs to be a seasonal treat!