Montchevre Dairy Products

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Montchevre Dairy Products Are Made With the Highest Quality Ingredients

Montchevre dairy products were first produced in 1989 after founders Arnaud Solandt and Jean Rossard started their operation in a small plant in Preston, WI. With the use of traditional French cheese-making techniques, the Montchevre brand quickly became one of the leading producers of goat cheese in the US. Today the company makes over fifty different kinds of goat cheese using milk from family-owned farms. Read more

Made with 100% goat milk, vegetable rennet, and no growth hormones, Montchevre is dedicated to producing the highest quality products possible. They also made the first goat cheese to be certified as a non-GMO product by the NSF. Known for a creamy texture and a tangy flavor, Montchevre goat cheese is available in large logs that are perfect for foodservice.