Mineragua Drink Products

by  Jarritos

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Add Versatile Drinks to Your Menu with Mineragua Drink Products

Based in El Paso, Texas, Mineragua produces sparkling mineral waters that feature a delicious and refreshing taste. Their parent company, Jarritos, was founded in 1950 and quickly became one of the most popular naturally-flavored soft drink brands in their home country of Mexico. Since then, Jarritos has grown to produce a variety of carbonated drinks which are available in countries across the globe. Read more

Mineragua drink products can be used as ingredients in mixed drinks, served on their own alongside a meal, or sold separately on your store’s shelves. Their selection of sparkling waters is made without caffeine, making them a healthier alternative to other carbonated drinks. Additionally, their drinks are packaged in old-fashioned glass bottles which help to improve their presentation.