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Milkadamia Products Help Create Dairy-Free or Vegan Food and Drinks

Milkadamia began its humble macadamia nut milk production on the family-owned Jindilli farm near the Eastern coast of Australia. While they have since outgrown that one area of operation, they are still committed to supplying consumers with the finest nut milks that are only blended with a small number of ingredients. Beyond their delicious nut milk blends, Milkadamia products are created with sustainability in mind, implementing regenerative farming techniques to protect the health of the soil and the future of our crops. Read more

Milkadamia has an extensive line of top-quality, dairy-free milks to choose from, so you can stock your shelves with a variety of plant-based milk alternatives. From non-dairy milks for cooking and baking to richly delicious dairy-free creamers for coffees, there is a Milkadamia choice for every application. Offer your guests a vegan milk option for their beverages with Milkadamia products.