Merco Food Equipment Parts

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Merco Specializes in Producing Food Holding Equipment and Other Hot Side Appliances

Although product development began in the 1940s, Merco wasn’t officially founded until 1956. Their company name is a combination of the last names of its founders: Merrick and Coates. Merco has undergone many changes through the years, including expansions, mergers, and moves. Today, they are headquartered in Mt. Pleasant, MI, where they continue to design and manufacture food holding equipment for commercial environments, like hotels and healthcare facilities. Read more

Because Merco specializes in producing food holding equipment, they also offer parts and accessories for items like conveyor ovens, food warmers, and heat lamps. So if you need a replacement light bulb, switch, dial, or thermostat, keep Merco in mind for all your holding equipment needs.