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Meiko was founded in Germany in 1927. Since then, they have become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of dishwasher and food disposal systems. Meiko even produces specialized units for healthcare facilities that are designed to disinfect dinnerware in a safe and effective manner. Read more

From nuts and bolts to industrial lubricants, Meiko manufactures all the parts and accessories you need to keep your commercial dishwasher working properly. Dishwashers are complicated machines that require both electronic components and old fashioned hardware in order to function, so be sure to purchase high-quality parts and accessories manufactured by Meiko.

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Dishwasher Wash, Rinse, and Pump Components

Meiko Dishwasher Wash, Rinse, and Pump Components

Because water and soap need to be pumped into your dishwasher, Meiko wash, rinse, and pump components are important replacement parts.

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Dishwasher Controls and Electronic Components

Meiko Dishwasher Controls and Electronic Components

Control and monitor the settings on your commercial dishwasher with Meiko controls and electronic components.

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Dishwasher Body Components

Meiko Dishwasher Body Components

Small parts inside your dishwasher need to be replaced periodically. Meiko manufactures a wide variety of body components for your commercial unit.

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Industrial Lubricants and Grease

Meiko Industrial Lubricants and Grease

Meiko industrial lubricants and grease prevent your equipment from seizing up because they keep moving parts sliding smoothly.

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