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Ensure That Your Refrigerated Unit Stays up to Temperature with Maxx Cold Refrigeration Parts

Keep your food products cold by using a Maxx Cold refrigeration unit. The Maxx Cold company was established by the Legacy Companies to provide reliable refrigeration solutions to foodservice establishments. They offer a wide range of refrigerators and freezers, ideal for storing ingredients, leftovers, meats, and frozen goods in a busy restaurant kitchen. Read more

Maxx Cold refrigeration parts and units offer quality at economic prices, making them highly accessible. Their vast product line provides solutions to an array of kitchen needs. The Maxx Cold company takes pride in being able to care for its customers through the durability, performance, and quality of their products.

Maxx Cold Capillary Tubes and Expansion Valves

Maxx Cold Capillary Tubes and Expansion Valves

Ensure the proper flow of refrigerant through your unit by using Maxx Cold capillary tubes and expansion valves for maintenance.

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