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Martel Clams and Oysters Bring the Delicious Taste of Ocean Delicacies to Your Menu

Martel, part of the Atalanta Corporation, sells high-quality, tinned seafood. Atalanta has been importing seafood since 1947 and has kept quality at the forefront of their processing. In 1971 Atalanta decided to streamline their seafood supplying by turning to canning and distributing at the retail level. Read more

Martel clams and oysters originate from the fresh waters of Indonesia, where their natural flavor is heightened beyond comparison due to Indonesia's ideal water conditions. Martel's canned and tinned seafood items allow you to serve the freshest taste of the ocean's delicacies to your customers. Create delicious seafood menu options to appease your guests with Martel clams and oysters.