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Spice Up Your Dishes with Specialty Belizean Peppers Using Marie Sharp's Hot Sauces

Marie Sharp's hot sauces combine fresh, high-quality ingredients, decades of experience, and traditional recipes to make the ultimate condiment. "Marie Sharp" is more than just a name - Marie is a very real person and, even at 80 years old, she's still involved in every step of the process of making her signature hot sauces. Since 1980, Marie has been using simple, traditional recipes to make outstanding hot sauces that have earned her worldwide recognition.Marie Sharp's hot sauces use quality ingredients you can trust, as many of them are indigenous heirloom varieties that are grown on-site! If not grown on-site, the ingredients are sustainably sourced, and all ingredients in their hot sauces are pesticide-free, non-GMO, sustainably raised, hand picked, and exceed USDA organic standards. By using Marie Sharp's hot sauces, you're doing more than flavoring your meals with top-quality products, but also creating jobs that support the local Belizean community.