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Macaron Centrale Macarons

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Add French Pastries to the Menu with Macaron Centrale Macarons

Macaron Centrale is a California-based bakery that specializes in French macarons. The company was formed in 2017 with the goal of filling a neglected niche. French meringue macarons were not widely available in the area, and the bakers at Macaron Centrale decided to change that. Read more

What you can expect from Macaron Centrale macarons is a wide selection of delicious flavors, expert level baking, and convenient bulk packaging for restaurants or retail businesses. The pastry chefs at Macaron Centrale create picture-perfect macarons so you can add them to your dessert menu without the painstaking labor that’s involved in the baking process. Their products are baked daily and shipped fresh, never frozen, for superior quality.