Lyre's Beverage Products

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Provide Non-Alcoholic Crafted Cocktails on Your Menu with Lyre's Beverage Products

Lyre's beverage products are made to reproduce the flavors of traditional spirits for a great-tasting, non-alcoholic beverage ingredient. Lyre's sources their ingredients from around the globe to bring quality all-natural essences, extracts, and distillates. Whether your customer asks for a low-alcohol cocktail or non-alcoholic spirit, be able to fulfill their request with Lyre's. Read more

Lyre's has an extensive line of complex, nuanced, and contemporary non-alcoholic spirits that do more than mimic popular liquors. From beautiful glass bottles to present on your drink shelf to conveniently packaged canned drinks, there is a drink size option for every purpose. Provide the freedom of low- or non-alcoholic cocktail options for your guests by using Lyre's beverage products.