Lunchables Boxed Lunch & Snack Foods

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Offer Food Options for Kid's Snack or Lunch Time with Lunchables Boxed Lunch and Snack Foods

Lunchables boxed lunch and snack foods are pre-packaged meals for kids that are easy to serve. The brand was introduced in 1988 and is still popular today with children and parents. Lunchables products are manufactured by the world-recognized Kraft Heinz Company and marketed under the Oscar Mayer brand. The brand is a trusted name in the food industry and is a favorite among children.  Read more

Our selection of Lunchables boxed lunch and snack foods includes individual snack packs, perfect for cafeterias or grab-and-go stations. Many Lunchables feature recognizable ingredients, including cheese, meat, and vegetables. Stock Lunchables in your store for a kid-friendly food option.