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Use LTI Parts and Accessories to Keep Your Equipment Functioning Properly

LTI (formerly Low Tem Industries), was founded in 1947 and remains a family owned and operated business to this day. Their headquarters are located in Atlanta, Georgia, but they provide high-quality foodservice equipment to a variety of establishments across the United States. LTI specializes in stainless steel fabrication, which they use to produce serving counters, mobile carts, and other food serving pieces for commercial settings. Read more

Whether you’re searching for replacement parts for your hot side equipment or refrigeration needs, LTI offers a wide variety of product suitable for making repairs in your commercial kitchen. They produce parts like commercial light bulbs, hinges, electrical receptacles, and more. So, if your restaurant equipment is in need of an update, check out all the parts and accessories that LTI has to offer.

Low Temp Industries Casters

Low Temp Industries Casters

LTI casters can be fastened to your cooking equipment, refrigerator, or storage unit to make it more maneuverable in your kitchen.

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Low Temp Industries Lock, Latch, and Handle Hardware

Low Temp Industries Lock, Latch, and Handle Hardware

Because LTI specializes in stainless steel, their lock, latch, and handle hardware is a high-quality addition to your commercial kitchen.

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