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LoLo Commercial Foodservice gets their name from the slogan “low cost, low risk, and local availability.” They’ve been producing foodservice equipment for more than 100 years. LoLo Commercial Foodservice is especially well known for their steamers, tilting skillets, charborilers, and hot plates. Read more

To find gas valves, control knobs, hot side electric thermostats, and other parts and accessories for your hot side equipment, check out what LoLo Commercial Foodservice has to offer. Their products are ideal for the maintenance and repair of hot side equipment, like commercial fryers and griddles. You can also find parts suitable for refrigeration units.

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Hot Side Control Knobs and Dials

LoLo Commercial Foodservice Hot Side Control Knobs and Dials

Use LoLo Commercial Foodservice hot side control knobs and dials to monitor and adjust the settings on your griddles, rangers, charbroilers, and other equipment.

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Griddle Parts and Accessories

LoLo Commercial Foodservice Griddle Parts and Accessories

Repair and maintain your griddle with LoLo Commercial Foodservice griddle parts and accessories like thermocouple kits and thermostats.

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