Loctite Adhesive Products

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Loctite Adhesive Products Create a Strong Seal

Originally developed in the United States in the 1950s, the Loctite brand is now owned and manufactured by the German corporation Henkel. Loctite is best known for their high-quality adhesive, which can stand up to constant use in machines without failing. And although it was originally created for commercial use, today, you can find Loctite adhesive products in a variety of residential and commercial settings. Read more

Whether you’re looking for a strong sealer for your workshop or you need glue for your residential crafting station, Loctite adhesive products are the perfect choice. Plus, with a variety of glues and adhesives to choose from, it’s simple to find the right option for your needs. As an added bonus, many of these adhesive products are clear, so there won’t be any unsightly seams or lines of glue on your piece.