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Consider Lockwood Parts and Accessories for Your Establishment’s Repair and Maintenance Needs

Lockwood specializes in working with aluminum, and they use their expertise to manufacture equipment for foodservice operations, material handling, meal delivery. All of their products are manufactured in the United States, and they regularly showcase their latest equipment at trade shows and expos around the country. Lockwood also produces replacement parts and accessories for a variety of appliances, storage racks, transportation carts, and more. Read more

Lockwood parts include casters, hinges, and knobs that can be used on different types of equipment. You can also browse more specialized parts, like blower motors and holding cabinet parts, which are important for maintaining a safe temperature when preparing and transporting hot foods. So if you’re looking for parts and accessories that are manufactured in the United States, Lockwood is a great option.

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Lockwood Casters

Lockwood casters are available in a variety of styles, so you can find plate or stem casters, with or without brakes.

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Hot Side Control Knobs and Dials

Lockwood Hot Side Control Knobs and Dials

It’s common for hot side control knobs and dials to fall off of equipment and get lost. Replace your missing parts with knobs from Lockwood.

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