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Lifeway Kefir Food Products Provide Probiotic and Nutritious Foods That Improve the Health of Its Customers

Lifeway Kefir shares the delicious health secret of Eastern Europe with the American marketplace. After immigrating to America from the former Soviet Union in 1986, Michael and Ludmila Smolyansky began making kefir in the basement of their home in Skokie, IL. By 1988, the Smolyansky family took their company public. Read more

Lifeway Kefir food products popularized the delicious taste and probiotic health benefits of kefir in America. While it started with humble beginnings in the Smolyansky family basement, Lifeway Kefir is now the largest manufacturer of kefir in the United States. It's become a leader in the dairy space by acquiring many of its major competitors, including GlenOaks Farms and Fresh Made Dairy.