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Use Leola tea lights in a variety of ways to add instant mood lighting to your restaurant dining room or catered event.

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Votive Candles

Leola votive candles cast a warm glow and create a cozy, intimate atmosphere where your guests can feel at home.

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Liquid Wax Paraffin Fuel Cartridges

Try our Leola liquid wax fuel cartridges for a low-maintenance lighting option with an extended burn time.

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Create a Romantic Ambience in Your Dining Space with Leola Candle Products

If you’re looking for candles that can enhance the atmosphere in your establishment that also won’t break the bank, Leola Candle products are the perfect choice. Made out of high-quality wax, these products burn slowly and help you save on replacement costs. Additionally, Leola Candle’s products are made out of renewable materials, which is ideal if your business is looking for an eco-friendly option.

Leola Candle products create a warm and inviting light, which makes them an excellent option for the dining space in your restaurant, bar, or bistro. As an added bonus, Leola Candle products come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and types, so you can easily find an option for your business among their wide selection. Best of all, these products are affordable, so you can provide a romantic atmosphere without breaking your budget.