Lawry's Spices

by  McCormick

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Lawry's Products Add Savory Flavor to Your Dishes

Lawry’s brand seasoned salt was created by Lawrence L. Frank as an exclusive spice blend for his prime rib restaurant, opened in 1938 in Beverly Hills, California. The unique blend of spices, herbs, and ingredients was concocted by Frank to serve alongside the restaurant’s main dish, prime rib. Lawry’s seasoned salt was so popular that customers began stealing it off the tables, and that’s when Frank knew it was time to start bottling and selling the blend. Read more

Lawry’s products were first sold exclusively at the restaurant but later expanded to grocery stores. A separate manufacturing company was formed and Lawry’s season salt went into production. Still the most popular seasoned salt on the market today, Lawry’s is now a successful, multi-million dollar company.