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Treat Your Guests with the Warmth, Sweetness, and Tradition of Lancaster Stroopies Company Products

The Lancaster Stroopies Company began in 2008 in the heart of Pennyslvania Dutch Country. Driven by a vision to make a quality product while providing a place for resettled refugee women to secure meaningful employment, it has become a haven for both the local and international community. The company’s sweet, warm, and slightly spiced stroopwafel cookies make a traditional Dutch culinary delight available in their establishment and yours. Read more

A wonderful offering to provide in a cafe, a teahouse, or a coffee shop, Lancaster Stroopies Company’s delicious cinnamon wafer cookies satisfy any palate. Sold individually, in tins, and in a variety of gift packs, each delicious stroopie is handmade with local ingredients sourced from other ethically responsible companies. Filled with heartwarming homemade caramel and pressed with care, Lancaster Stroopies Company products make for the perfect traditional refreshments to complement your hot beverage service.