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Expand Your Beverage Menu with the Help of Kuvings USA Food Prep Equipment

Kuvings USA, founded in 1978 in Korea, is the world’s leading manufacturer of masticating cold press juicers. Created by blender salesman J.B. Kim, Kuvings is a proud member of the NUC Electronics Co. family. Kuvings creates a variety of kitchen appliances, from cold-squeezing juicers to blenders, professionally crafted for consumers and commercial applications. Read more

Add freshly squeezed juice to your menu with Kuvings USA food prep equipment. Kuvings cold press juicers are designed to extract the most juice from fruits, vegetables, and leafy greens with their innovative technology. The cold press juicers gently squeeze the ingredients, preserving maximum nutrients for a rich and flavorful taste.

Kuvings USA Commercial Blenders / Food Blenders

Kuvings USA Commercial Blenders / Food Blenders

Prepare smoothies and flavorful juice options for your cafe with Kuvings USA commercial blenders.

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