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Trust Kolpak Walk-in Cooler Parts to Keep Your Unit Performing at Its Best

Founded in 1969 and made in America, Kolpak has steadily grown its catalog from simple commercial walk-in freezers and walk-in coolers to include a variety of specialty units under the names R-Series, Polar-Pak, and Express by Kolpak, solidifying them as one of the most recognized names in refrigeration as part of the Welbilt family of companies. Read more

Kolpak's extensive catalog covers a wide variety of different walk-in units to cover nearly any application. Ideal for commercial, industrial, and service use, few can match the durability and affordability of a Kolpak unit. And with so many options, even fewer can match the versatility.

Kolpak Defrost Timers

Kolpak Defrost Timers

Kolpak defrost timers replace your existing parts and ensure the compressor or defrost heater is on, but not at the same time.

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Kolpak Refrigeration Lighting

Kolpak Refrigeration Lighting

Keep the contents of your merchandising refrigerators well-lit and looking great with Kolpak refrigeration lighting.

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