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Knorr® Food Products Reduce Prep Time in Your Commercial Kitchen

Knorr® has a long, rich history of innovation and expansion leading back to 1838. This company’s first big leap into the food service industry was led by its invention and distribution of dried soups in 1873. Since then, the company has continued to invent groundbreaking products including sauce mixes and bouillon cubes. Read more

Knorr® Food products are a staple in commercial kitchens when it comes to creating nutritious, flavorful soups, stews, and gravies. Because of their dedication to a sustainable future and quality ingredients, you can rest assured you’re equipping your kitchen with the finest products thanks to Knorr®. Produce hearty, delicious chicken noodle soup with their soup bases, or try enhancing your restaurant’s menu with other products by Knorr®.